Glass wall partitions are a compelling solution for spatial planning that are flexible, efficient and visually arresting. Our glass partition systems enable layouts tailored to any given applications. We offer fixed or horizontal sliding walls which allow rooms to be merged or divided with ease. With a variety of components, these flexible systems also ensure security and sound insulation


Glass is a uniquely attractive and highly functional material that allows endless interior design applications to suit any taste.

With an extensive range of glass available, glass walls can be used to create extremely attractive visual effects. For clear lines and full-view transparency, we can use ultra clear, low iron glass combined with coloured glass to create a bright atmosphere. For bath or dressing partitioning systems, we can use sandblasted glass, coloured glass in any shade to RAL reference or laminated glass. For sophisticated designs, we can use coated or digitally printed glass with images, landscapes, different textures or company names.


Glass walls offer not only a more effective use of natural sunlight, airiness and transparency but also versatile solutions for space partitioning. A working area or a dining area can be easily and effortlessly integrated in an open space, using a fixed glass wall or a movable glass wall.

Fixed Glass Walls

Fixed Glass Walls are made of 8-10 mm thick toughened (tempered) glass with a wide range of frameworks and fixing systems to create various partitioning structures, with integrated swing or sliding doors. For an improved acoustic performance, we can use double glazed glass walls, with two 6-8 mm thick glass sheets. Moreover, integrated blinds can be sealed between two sheets of glass for reduced visibility.

Movable Glass Wall

Movable glass wall systems represent an intelligent solution for easy access and high functionality with partial or full closing.