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Suspended ceilings are a cost effective solution that provide great noise reduction as well as easy access to the services and installations hidden behind the ceiling.



Suspended ceiling panels are available in a variety of designs and colours to suit different interior designs and architectural styles. Our talented designers can provide the best ceiling panel design options that can add a great deal to your room’s interiors and its appearance.

Besides reducing the sound reverberations in a room, a suspended ceiling can also be installed for levelling an uneven ceiling, for covering up the mess created by wiring and piping at the ceiling, for increasing the amount of natural light in a room and for insulation. No matter what you want the suspended ceiling installed for, we will make sure that it meets all your requirements.


Office ceilings don’t have to be boring. At Abbeyside we design and install ceilings in literally every colour, shape and size.

Our engineers have considerable experience of installing suspended ceilings in a variety of settings, including offices, executive suites, hospitals and commercial buildings. No matter how and where you want a suspended ceiling installed, we will make sure that the job is done perfectly and on-time.

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