Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau

We have just completed the Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau fitout in Dublin.

This project for the Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau new offices on Sheriff Street in Dublin was based over seven floors with an overall floor plate of 28,000 sq ft. This project had to be completed in twelve weeks with an extremely high level of design and finish and full turnkey service for the client. The ground floor incorporated public areas designed like a library with limestone floors, bespoke Reception desk and bespoke library area. First and Second floors incorporated glazed partitions, timber floors, MF Ceilings and a colour coordinated design of glazing, desking and carpets. Third floor incorporated a mosque, Board Room and Canteen area for all staff. Fourth floor design allowed for an auditorium to seat 80 persons with a catering area. Fifth and Sixth floors were for general offices again colour coordinated glazing, desking and carpets. As the Fit out company for this project Abbeyside conducted all M&E works, glazing partitions, ceilings, carpets and all furniture and bespoke furniture throughout the building.

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